About Themsen Health

Themsen Health ApS is the official Scandinavian distributor for Supermax, the world’s 2nd largest manufacturer of nitrile gloves, with an annual production of more than 26 billion gloves across 11 factories in Malaysia.

Themsen Health ApS is among the leading suppliers of disposable gloves in Scandinavia, and with our special expertise within nitrile gloves, we have one of the largest product ranges in the market, with more than 38 various nitrile gloves in numerous colours and thicknesses, as well as broad range of vinyl and latex gloves.

We have more than 20 years of experience in the nitrile gloves business, and have in total supplied more than 200 million gloves in Denmark and Sweden, to both public clients and private businesses.

We get our gloves directly from the manufacturer Supermax, with no costly middlemen, ensuring both the best possible prices, but also ensuring consistency and delivery on time.

We only sell nitrile gloves of premium quality, and all of our gloves comply with the EU quality guidelines. All nitrile gloves are powder free and latex free with the highest quality of only one accelerator, namely zinkoxide, minimizing the risk of allergic reactions.

At Themsen Health ApS, your company can have an individually customized annual contract on gloves, based on your unique consumption pattern and your individual needs, with the specific types of gloves in the quantities and sizes relevant to you. With an annual contract, we will deliver to you frequently so you never have to worry about forgetting to ordering gloves.

Our high quality and reliability of supply on time is based on:

  • Professional advice on the correct type of glove
  • Premium gloves of the highest quality
  • Quality guarantee
  • Supplying on time – every time
  • Competitive prices

For further information, or to order free samples, contact us on phone +45 69167614 or on mail info@remove-this.themsenhealth.remove-this.dk 

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We are based in Albertslund and are primarily a supplier to companies and therefore do not have a physical store where private individuals can shop.

Themsen Health  ApS
Værkstedsgården 8,1
DK-2620 Albertslund

(+45) 69 16 76 14

We have more than 50 different types of disposable gloves, and cover all industries, from food manufacturers to pharmaceutical, from automotive to health care.

All our gloves are produced by Supermax, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of disposable gloves. High quality directly from factory to the customer, with no costly middlemen.

The best quality at the best price – we have a quality guarantee on all our gloves!